Testimonials ♡

"I am so thankful I found this artist. I was grieving and heartbroken over the loss of my childhood cat, and I commissioned a painting. It could not have been more perfect. As soon as I saw it, it was like looking at my cat again. It was absolutely stunning work. It filled my heart with so much love. It came in the most precious packaging, with stickers and wildflower seeds, put into little hearts. It was so sweet. I cannot recommend her enough."

~ Rebecca, July '20

"Autumn puts so much love and care into her work right down to the playful packaging and glitter-embellished business cards. Thank you so much for painting me into a dream, Autumn! You're amazing."

~ Kathy, (Lace & Whimsy) May '20  

"Ordered this wonderful piece from this amazing soul! I couldn't have imagines this to look any better! I'm in love with this painting<3 ordered it 2 days before my boo passed and receiving this just made me feel a little better, (as I was taking this picture, his song literally started playing<3) but anyway, this girl is amazing at what she does! I love it so much & appreciate you and the time you took to paint this! <3 thank you so much!!"

~ Jessica, May '19

"I won her art giveaway a few weeks ago! A beautiful, custom watercolor portrait of my lips! The whole arrangement was so thoughtful and sweet; you can really see the love and thought she puts into her work! Autumn is very kind and professional, quick to respond and give updates, and the quality of her work shows. It was a wonderful experience. Please give her your support in any way. <3"

~ Heidi, March '19

"This is a painting that Autumn painted for my Nana of her and my Papa who just recently passed away. As you can see, she is incredibly talented and I highly recommend going to her if you need a similar piece or any piece in general. I still can't believe how accurately she captured what my Papa looked like in my family's eyes just by looking at a photo that I sent her. Again, I highly recommend going to Autumn for any work that you might need done, you won't regret it!!!"

~ Laura, December '18

"As the story goes, Anna and Brandon's love story first began at a party as they played piano together. Many years later, they visited the cherry blossoms in D.C. and found the same tree they had visited when they first lived there. I told Autumn this and she created the most beautiful engagement gift I could have ever imagined. Thank you, Autumn for creating such a special gift for these two."

~ Susan, October '18