Pastel ‘Dreamy’ Pet Portrait

$50.00 - $200.00

✧ now booking for January (I have very few December spots open~ you must purchase holiday rush fee separately) ✧

Watercolor pet portrait in a dreamy pastel color palette, glitter embellished ♡

♡ pets of all kinds welcome!
♡ 6x9", 9x12" or 10x14"
♡ an additional pet within a 9x12" painting is $15, $20 for 10x14"~ if you'd like separate paintings, purchase more than one :)
♡ NEW person w/ pet option! $100 for a 6x9" or $200 for a 9x12"

Please email me your favorite pet photos (higher the quality, the better) and if you have color palette (more pinks, more blues, etc.) or dreamy element preference!

Portrait can take up to around 4-8 weeks depending on order of purchase and workload~

Thank you for your patience! I paint a lot of love into my work,

Autumn ♡